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25 January, 2021

How to Cook Lamburgers with Tzatziki Sauce | Lamb Burger Recipe

In this video I demonstrate how to cook my lamburgers with tzatziki sauce, a delicious burger which is good for frying, grilling or even oven-baking. This is my favourite lamb burger recipe  😋


475g minced/ground lamb.
8cm/3 inches of cucumber, grated.
2 cloves of garlic.
A squeeze of fresh lemon juice.
A quarter brown onion in slices.
A quarter brown onion, finely-chopped.
1 tomato, thinly-sliced.
3 tablespoons of creme fraiche/sour cream/thick Greek yoghurt.
1 heaped teaspoon of English mint sauce.
2 or 4 Burger buns, as required.

Makes 2 large burgers or 4 regular-sized burgers.


Time Stamps:

00:00 Start
00:21 Ingredients
01:13 Preparation
05:34 Cooking the burgers
07:06 Building the burger
08:26 The reveal
08:47 Summary slideshow
10:24 End credits and links

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