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03 November, 2020

The Pie Made of (Fish) Heads

Interesting how Mousehole is pronounced 'Mosul' by Cornish locals, and this dish is Sumerian-Babylonian in origin and a version is still served in Iraq to this day!

It is not too far a stretch of imagination to think of Sumerian tin traders bringing their cuisine to the shores of ancient Cornwall.

There is a Sumerian-Babylonian dish that is about 6000 years old which Iraqis still prepare it to this day.

The zori hensh is the young fish that gets stuck in the fishermen's nets, it is typically mixed with dough and grilled in a clay oven.

The form of the eater's name is assumed to be Ninda Kha in Sumerian, and Rosto Chuni in Akkadian Babylonian, meaning a fish with a fish.

And it has other names, for example: in Samawah it is called marsh bread, and in Nasiriyah it is called Matbak bread, while in Basra it is called Samagi bread.

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