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27 October, 2013

Pork Ribs or Shin Beef - No Contest!

Be careful what you buy, even from 'reputable' stores.

I was shopping in my local ASDA today and I looked at a pack of pork ribs which looked fine - until I looked closer. On the label it said 'Carefully prepared by our butchers'. Carefully? Not 'specially'. So I looked hard at the ribs. 

They were certainly carefully prepared, but the care was cynically applied as deceit; masking the low meat content by skillfully leaving just enough meat on the bones to make them look meatywhile removing as much meat as possible. There was more meat on a jockey's whip than on those 'carefully prepared' ribs. 

I may even start a 'Food Hall of Shame' blog - just to show these cheating bastards up.

Fortunately, shin beef was on a special, so I decided to hog out on beef instead.

Shin beef is unpopular with today's lazy cooks, because it takes about 2hrs and 30mins to cook tender; so it's bonus time for guys like me who like tons of meat that is cheap, and don't mind waiting.

I made a mouth-watering succulent beef stew instead.

Hooray for lazy-arsed cooks I say