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27 December, 2020

How to Cook English Rissoles with Beef | Beef Rissoles Recipe UK 😋

In this video I demonstrate how to cook English beef rissoles. English rissoles were traditionally made from the leftovers of the Sunday roast dinner. I have used beef in this recipe but any leftover meat can be used. 

Rissoles have a great flavour, well beyond the simplicity of their humble ingredients. I use beef here but you can use any meat leftovers you have to hand. They may be a hard times recipe, but they are very tasty and satisfying 😋

Rissoles were very popular during wartime rationing in the UK.


330g cooked meat i.e. beef/lamb/chicken/turkey or venison.
170g sage and onion stuffing mix.
1 small carrot, grated.
1 beef stock cube.
Hot water to mix, as required.
1 egg.
2 tablespoons of beef suet or ground pork fat.
Salt and black pepper to taste.
Plain/all purpose flour for dusting.

Makes 6 rissoles.


See the video for instructions.


English rissoles are not to be confused with Australian rissoles, which are usually made with fresh minced beef, although there are some similarities and a common ancestry.

Time Stamps:

00:00 Start.
00:14 Intro: About English rissoles.
01:09 Ingredients.
02:15 Mince the meat.
02:52 The stuffing.
03:54 In the mix!
08:08 Forming the rissoles.
09:55 Baking the rissoles.
10:38 The reveal!
11:12 Taste test.
12:26 Summary slideshow.
14:08 End titles.

Thanks for watching!

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