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31 October, 2020

Brenda's Pickled Sausages | #YouFoodChallenge


This is Brenda's entry in the #YouFoodChallenge


2-3cups water

2-3cups cheap white vinegar

1-2 cups hot sauce (I use franks)

2 tbsp hot picking mix spices

This is the basic recipe I use to pickle 40 hot dog sausages, cut in half length ways and it makes a gallon jar full.


First I cut sausages and put in a large pot cover with water and vinegar hot sauce and spice blend, then bring it up to a simmer and add more vinegar water to cover if needed.

I don’t add salt as there is plenty in the hot sauce. I use franks because I can buy it cheaply in bulk here, but feel free to use what you want.

Don’t go expensive.

Then I put it all in the jar let it cool then lid it put in fridge to pickle for at least 5-7 days but my kids can’t stand it and get into them right away!

I use Mrs Wages hot pickle mix. Looking at the contents it’s salt, cracked black pepper, garlic, jalapeño pepper flakes, dried red pepper flakes, a bit of turmeric and a few mustard and possibly celery seeds too. It is very lip-burning spicy, so I only use 2 tbsp, but I’m sure there is a spice mix out there in YouTube Land you can look up.

They taste a bit salty at first but I think that’s the salt in the hot dogs and hot sauce. 

Thinking on it they do those German ones (Bockwurst) in jars so I would take the brine out  put in a pot add vinegar a few pepper flakes, then hot sauce brought up to a simmer and poured over. Then see what happens after a few days. 

It might work! 

I do know smoked sausages don’t work or regular sausages it has to be a Wiener or Frankfurter type processed sausage to work don’t know why.

Brenda xx

Say hello to Richard xx  

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